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What is jetFlow plugin anyway?

The jetFlow plugin is an automation and website customization tool that brings the power of automation scenarios to your WordPress powered site. The plugin allows you to automate virtually any task or add new functionality with a visual workflow editor without coding knowledge. Using workflows is an effective and flexible way to automate repetitive tasks and operations and customize WordPress on your own. The jetFlow.io plugin a standalone, downloadable solution.

Workflow editor for WordPress automation

Create automation scenarios without coding knowledge

No programming knowledge needed anymore. Visual drag and drop editor allows you to build workflows easily and effectively. Test your workflow by starting it right within the editor. Built-in checker will help you to avoid mistakes with configuration fields. If something goes wrong, you can check errors with the powerful logging system.

Flexibility and amazing performance

There is no limit to the number of workflows, so you can create as many workflows as you need. Manage them as a whole by using bulk mode or on a per workflow basis individually. Control how a workflow will be executed with easily managed restrictions based on user role, capabilities, username or IP address.

Furthermore, you can fine tune any aspect of your site connecting workflows with WordPress actions and filters!

Workflow list for WordPress automation
Storage for WordPress automation

Built-in record storage

It’s your spreadsheet with the ability to store and retrieve records during the execution of a workflow. View and manage records on a special admin page with search functionality. Manage storage engine settings on your own, define columns, setup admin widget. Export and import records to and from a CSV file. Monitor storage updates with a special trigger and run another workflows on any changes.

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Easy form builder and processor

Need a form processor? You’ve got it. The jetFlow plugin will display and process form data during the execution of a workflow. Set your rules and conditions to display forms. Track all submissions, save them into the storage or start another workflow based on submitted form fields. And yes, Caldera Forms, Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms are supported too.

Easy Form for WordPress automation
Logging events for WordPress automation

Track events with powerful logging system

Monitor all events during the execution of workflows. Measure performance of actions and triggers with a timing feature. If something goes wrong, you always have a place to find the answer. And yes, it will be handy to check IP address and user for each executed workflow.

Set restrictions on execution

Flexible set of  restrictions to control who can start a workflow and when the workflow can be executed. Easily limit execution to logged in users or fine tune user role, user capabilities, username, IP address. All restrictions are configurable per workflow basis.

WordPress automation restrictions
Import workflow for WordPress automation

Export and import workflows

After you have created a workflow you can export it in a file with all workflow settings. Use this file to load the workflow on another site with the jetFlow plugin. Share you workflow with just a link to it. After uploading a file jetFlow will perform some checks to make sure that the workflow was not corrupted and can be executed.