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What is jetFlow?

jetFlow is an automation and website customization tool that brings the power of automation scenarios (workflows) to any WordPress powered site. The plugin allows you to automate almost any task or business process with a visual workflow editor without coding knowledge. Using workflows is an effective and flexible way to automate repetitive tasks or customize WordPress on your own. This is a standalone, downloadable solution.

Do I need to know any coding language?

No. You can easily create any workflow without any knowledge of coding by using visual drag and drop workflow editor. Common sense and small technical background will be enough.

What is the workflow?

A workflow is an automation scenario, a chain of actions that will be executed one after another, passing data from one action to the next one, until the last action will be executed or execution of a workflow will be stopped by a condition you have set. Each workflow has a trigger that sets the workflow in motion.

What sets my scenario in motion?

A trigger. The trigger starts any workflow in two ways: automatically,  if a specified event like post created or custom post field changed occurs and the other when you start the workflow manually in the WordPress Dashboard by selecting a bulk action on a Posts Page. And yes, you can use any WordPress hook (action or trigger) to start a workflow.

Can I execute a workflow with a WordPress hook?

Sure! And this is the same and a native way as the engine starts any workflow. Find out more on how to create WordPress filters without coding: Using workflow as a WordPress filter.

Can I limit execution to logged-in users only?

Easily, in no time. There are a set of restrictions that you can set for each workflow. Restrict execution by user role, user capability, username, remote IP address.

How many workflows can I create and use, are there some limitations on that?

There are no hard limits. You can create a virtually unlimited number of workflows. The jetFlow plugin has a blazing fast automation engine and consumes a small amount of server resources because it is developed with performance and security in mind. The plugin does not apply any limits technically. The main limitation, in a real situation, is the complexity of your workflow. The more actions your workflow has, the more resources it consumes during the execution. In most situations, you will unlikely come across a performance issue.

I am a cool developer, why do I need to use the jetFlow.io plugin?

The jetFlow plugin is a huge time saver. Using automation scenarios makes your life easier and allows you to create small but effective customer solutions in a prompt manner. As a pro, you will be interesting to get useful stuff like workflow profiling which logs every step in the workflow with timing and collecting errors or a powerful set of restrictions on execution.

Create network-based solutions by connecting workflows with external APIs by using HTTP request action, JSON decode/encode actions and HTTP trigger. What about sending on a remote host data that were submitted by a user via any form and store them in the built-in key-value storage with checking user cookies? It requires just a couple of minutes to drag and drop actions in the desired order. And yes, logging is already working.

Once a workflow is ready to use you can export it on another website in no time: export, import, activate. Finally, you are free to use any PHP code snippets in a workflow that will be executed as a step during the execution of the workflow. Isn’t handy?

Is jetFlow.io a cloud-based solution?

No. This is a standalone WordPress plugin that you need to download and install it on your website like ordinary plugins you have already installed.

What about system requirements?

The plugin requires at least WordPress 4.9 and PHP 5.6. I always recommend that you update WordPress to the latest stable version.

Can I trust the author?

Yeah, I am sure. I’m working in the computer industry for almost 20 years and I’ve learned a lot about doing things the right way. Please, check out customers’ reviews on my publicly available plugins on wordpress.org: WP Cerber or Plugin inspector.