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Save variables

The sole purpose of this action is to help debugging and configuring workflows. It enables you to see what data is processed by your workflow. Once it’s executed, it saves a given variable or a combination of them to the workflow log in a human-readable format. This action is located in the System section of the workflow editor window.

You can use the action wherever you want in your workflow with any workflow variables you need including custom-defined lists. This action is executed transparently with no output, has no effect on the workflow, and doesn’t change any workflow variable. Data from the previous action is passed to the next action in the workflow so you can get it with the {PREVIOUS} variable as usual.

Although this action does not affect the execution of a workflow, it’s advised to use it only for debugging purpose and remove it from the workflow when it goes live. If you need to store data generated by a workflow, use the local storage instead.

For instance, you can use this action to see what fields are available in your workflow when you use the WPForm trigger.

Save trigger variable to the WordPress automation log

Save the {TRIGGER} variable to the workflow log


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