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Send text messages via Twilio

To start sending SMS from your workflow, you have to get your Account SID, Auth Token, and an SMS enabled phone number from the Twilio console.

Getting started with Twilio

Start by getting a free Twilio trial account here:

Follow this how-to guide:

Get your Account SID and Auth Token from the project page in the Twilio console:

To create a new project, visit this page:

To get your phone number, visit this page:

You can only send SMS messages from a phone number provided by Twilio, and that phone number must be SMS enabled.

Troubleshooting Twilio messaging

There are several ways to troubleshoot issues with undelivered SMS messages.

First of all, check the workflow’s log page in your WordPress dashboard.

Secondly, check Twilio’s SMS log here:

For further troubleshooting, check this Twilio’s how-to:

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