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What’s new in jetFlow 1.7

New actions and triggers

Improvements and important updates

  • The structure of the WooCommerce variables and the data they provide have been significantly updated. Please check all the fields here: https://jetflow.io/automate/workflow-variables/woocommerce-fields/
  • A new configuration field has been added to the “Restart if” action. The specified text or/and variables are displayed if the workflow gets restarted.
  • Dots in a list key are supported now. Variables with such keys can be specified this way: {PREVIOUS[X.X]}. Note the list key X.X is enclosed in the square brackets. You may not mix the dot notation and the square brackets notation when you specify such a variable. You must use one of them. For instance, this is wrong syntax: {TRIGGER.fields[1.2]}, the correct syntax is {TRIGGER[fields][1.2]}. Unlike the dot notation, keys with dots in square brackets refer to a single dimension, not multiple ones. For instance, {FIRST[fields][1.2]} is not equal {FIRST.fields.1.2} while {FIRST [fields]} is equal {FIRST.fields}. Read more on variables.
  • All triggers that process form submissions now can optionally sanitize data. To remove all HTML tags from the submitted form fields, enable a new setting “Strip HTML tags” in the trigger settings.
  • A set of demo workflows bundled with the jetFlow.io plugin has been updated.
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