Demo workflows for WordPress automation > Demo workflows for WordPress automation

These workflows are created for demo purposes. Use the links below to import workflows on the Tools admin page.

New team member notification via Slack

This workflow sends a notification to Slack when a new user registers. Do not forget to specify “Webhook URL” in the “Send Slack message” action.


Display list of posts

This workflow displays the list of posts. To see it in action, put the shortcode from the trigger to a page or a post. To display the list of posts from a specific category or having a tag, configure the “Get list of posts” action.


Bulk update posts

This workflow updates the custom post field “state” if the custom post field “address” contains “Miami”. Select posts to update them in bulk on the Posts admin page.


New administrator on the website

The workflow sends an email notification to the website admin if an existing user gets the Administrator role.


Add the Apple tag

This workflow adds the Apple tag to a post if the post has Apple-related words in the title. It starts when an auhtor saves the post.


Process simple form

This workflow creates a simple form and saves data to its default storage once the form has been submitted. To start using the workflow, add the shortcode from the trigger to a page or a post.


Display attached images

This workflow creates a column on the Posts admin page and displays the list of attached images with links to the Media Library attachment pages. Select appropriate post type in the trigger settings.


Set admin Referrer-Policy

This workflow sets a stricter referrer policy for the WordPress admin dashboard pages. The default policy is “strict-origin-when-cross-origin”. Know more about Referrer-Policy HTTP header:


How to install a demo workflow

  1. Copy the link to the workflow you want to install
  2. Click the Tools menu in the admin menu
  3. Paste the link into the Load workflow from a website field
  4. Click the Download file button to start loading the workflow