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Monitor Mailgun events

Trigger starts workflow with Mailgun webhook when specified event occurs with your messages

If you want Mailgun to start the workflow with specified Mailgun event, you have to provide a webhook URL in the Webhooks tab of the Mailgun Control Panel.

Mailgun trigger workflow

Automation Mailgun events with workflow

Available events to fire this trigger

Delivered message A successful delivery occurs when the recipient email server responds that it has accepted the message.
Dropped message Mailgun stop attempting to deliver messages and drop them. The most common reason is that Mailgun received a Hard bounce or repeatedly received Soft bounces and continuing attempting to deliver may hurt your reputation with the receiving ESP.
Hard bounce Events occurs every time when an email message is rejected by the recipient SMTP server.
Spam complaint Mailgun will generate this events when a user reports one of your emails as spam.
Unsubscribe Occurs every time a recipient requests to be unsubscribed from your mailings. You can enable Mailgun’s Unsubscribe functionality by turning it on in the settings area for your domain.
Click Occurs every time when a user clicks on a link inside of your messages
Open Occurs every time when a user opens one of your email

Available data fields

The workflow will receive particular set of Mailgun parameters with each event happened. Values of those parameters will be accessible with patterns like {TRIGGER[recipient]} or {TRIGGER[message-headers]}. Check out documentation for particular webhook about available fields.

Read more about Mailgun webhooks and parameters here:

Enforce verification with API Key

To verify the webhook is originating from Mailgun you need to obtain an API Key from the domain settings page of the Control Panel and set it in the setting for this trigger.

Logging events

You can save all those Mailgun events in the storage. It’s handy because you can search events in the storage by key or by fields and export them.

Download sample workflow:

Attached workflows

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