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Get a list of posts

Action retrieve a list of posts any type matching all specified parameters. Every element in the list contains one individual post data. Elements in the list are indexed with numeric keys starting with 0. To get value, for instance, of title of the first post use patterns like: {PREVIOUS[0][post_title]}. For a hypertext link to the post use patterns like: {PREVIOUS[0][post_link]}.

Optionally you can retrieve values of the all custom fields and all taxonomies (Category, Tags, etc.) for each post in the list. Remember that retrieving custom fields and taxonomies for a big list of posts may be a CPU intensive task.

Values of custom fields will be filled as a list under the key post_meta for each post. To get value of address custom field use pattern {PREVIOUS[0][post_meta][address]}. As you can see we use custom field name address as a list key.

A list of taxonomies will be accessible under the key post_terms. For instance to get term name of first term: {PREVIOUS[0][post_terms][0][term_id]}.

You can use this action together, for instance, with Iterate next action.

Working example is a sitemap created by workflow on the Documentation table of contents page. You can easily import that workflow by using following link on the Tools page: Documentation – table of contents

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