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Run another workflow

Start execution arbitrary workflow unconditionally or if a set of conditions are match a rule.

If selected workflow has a trigger execution will start with that trigger. So, the trigger will always be executed, and in some circumstances, it may just stop execution of called workflow without execution any action in it. In this case Run another workflow action produce false or empty value and current (calling) workflow will continue execution. If no trigger present in the selected workflow, execution starts with a first action.

Run another workflow action for WordPress automation

Run another workflow action for WordPress automation

Setting up conditions

Conditional logic works identically Stop if action.

Passing arguments to the called workflow

Optionally, you can specify one or more values and variables to pass to the called workflow. To get values of passed arguments in the called workflow use patterns {ARG[0]}, {ARG[1]}, {ARG[2]} and so on for every argument you have set in this action.

If you want to pass a certain variable to the called workflow without type conversion (typecasting), you need to specify only the pattern any kind. If you specify more than one variable by using several patterns or enter some text, all variables will be converted to a string containing respective values.

Get results from called workflow

Value returned by called workflow can be gotten in next action of parent workflow by using pattern {PREVIOUS}. Make sure that called workflow has any of actions which can return value, otherwise calling workflow get results of execution of the trigger of called workflow or just passed arguments, depends on context. To specify returning value use these actions: Return itStop if.

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  1. You can select only workflow which have Enabled status at the moment of editing parent workflow.
  2. You can not recursively call workflow itself or by using another intermediate workflow.


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