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Stop if

Stops execution of current workflow if a set of conditions are true. Use this action to conditional control of execution of workflows.

Stop if – workflow for WordPress trigger

Stop if – workflow for WordPress trigger

If conditions are match, execution of the currently execution workflow will be ended and Return value will be passed back to the WordPress or parent (calling) workflow.

If conditions are not match, workflow will continue execution and data from the previous action will be transparently passed to the next action in the workflow, so you can get it with {PREVIOUS} pattern.

If execution of current workflow has been started by another workflow, by using Run another workflow action, parent workflow continues execution.

All string comparisons are case sensitive. To check if some value exists in a list use contains comparisons. String values “true” and “false” will be converted to boolean type and “null” to null.

In the Variable to compare field use variable pattern.

Available comparisons

Below is a list of comparisons which make sense for particular types of variables.

Comparing numbers

Available comparisons: Equal, Not equal, Less than, Greater than.

Comparing strings

Available comparisons: Equal, Not equal, Contains, Not contains, Starts with, Ends with. All string comparisons are case sensitive. Note: Starts with and Ends with will convert copy of values to a string type before comparison.

Search in a list (array)

Available comparisons: Contains, Not contains. These operations allows you to make sure that specified list contains or doesn’t contain specified value. String comparisons are case sensitive, of course.

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