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Version 1.5

We’re thrilled to announce that the WordPress automation project is back on the rails! A whole lot of new, brilliant features and improvements that are waiting in our backlog yet. Have a question? Ask it here:

New workflow variables

A new workflow variable: {HOME}. It holds the home URL of the website without trailing slash. For instance, for our website, it returns the string: https://jetflow.ioKnow more about workflow variables.

New workflow actions

  • Get user meta
  • Update user meta

New logging settings

Now you can specify the number of days how long the log records will be retained. Old log records are automatically deleted once a day.

Many things were ironed out

  • Improved detection of client (remote) IP addresses if a website is behind a proxy
  • Improved the performance and reliability of the plugin logging subsystem
  • If an error occurs during the last execution of a workflow, a red icon will be shown on the list of workflows page
  • Now workflows can be sorted by the date of the last start
  • The set of demo workflows are improved
  • Code updated and tested to be fully compatible with PHP 7.4

Bugs fixed

  • The WordPress dashboard widget might not display all active workflows
  • Ability to upload workflow files with the jf extension to the WordPress Media library is available again

New software requirements

The plugin now requires PHP 7.0 or newer and WordPress 4.9 or newer.

How to download

Download the new version here:


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