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Processing forms in workflows

There are several triggers and actions that allow you to create forms and process submitted fields.

The engine has its own built-in form generator called Easy Forms. To create a form, add action Easy Form to the workflow. It allows you to create, display, and process a basic form. Action Easy Form can create and process the following types of fields: Text, Textarea, Checkbox, Upload file, Number, Email, Password, URL. If you want to create a form with complex logic or a multi-step form, you need to use third-party form builders.

Using action Easy Form allows you to create two-step workflows. If you add this action to a workflow it stops the execution of the workflow and starts waiting for a user to fill out and submit the form. If a user tries to submit a form without required fields, action displays an error message and restart the workflow.

You can integrate workflows with third-party form builders like Caldera Forms, Gravity Forms, and Ninja Forms by using appropriate actions and triggers.

Triggers that starts a workflow when a form is submitted

Actions that displays a selected form as a step in workflow


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