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Using forms with workflows

There are several triggers and actions that allows you to create forms and process submitted fields and values.

The engine has its own built-in form generator called Easy Forms. To create a form add action Easy Form to the workflow. It allows you to create, display and process basic form. Action Easy Form can create and process following types of field: Text, Textarea, Checkbox, Upload file, Number, Email, Password, URL. If you want to create a form with complex logic or multi step forms you need to use third party form builders, see list below.

Using action Easy Form allows you to build two-step workflows. Action will stop the execution of a workflow and will wait for user to submit form properly. If user try to submit form without filling required fields, action will display error message and stop further execution of the workflow.

You can integrate workflows with third party form builders like Caldera Forms, Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms by using appropriate actions and triggers.

Triggers to start workflow if user submit a form

Actions to display selected form


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