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Version 1.3

Starting with this version of the plugin you will be able to create custom WordPress widget on the fly with a workflow. Widget can be displayed like other widgets or via AJAX request with automatic refresh. Support of file operations has been extended with a set of new actions that works with files and their content together with existing action that allows to read content of a file.

New triggers and actions

  • Create widget trigger creates a WordPress widget and starts workflow to display a widget content
  • Get list of files action creates a list of files that matched given filename pattern
  • File copy action allows to copy specified file from one directory to another
  • Format list action creates a visual representation of a specified list to display it on a web page, widgets or in an email letter
  • Restart if action to start a workflow again from the first action in the workflow

Updated triggers and actions

  • Shortcode trigger: now workflow can be started with AJAX
  • Easy Form action: now you can specify a list of available extensions for upload file fields.


What is jetFlow plugin anyway?

The jetFlow plugin is an automation and website customization tool that brings power of workflows to your WordPress powered site. The plugin allows you to automate almost any task and customize WordPress site with a visual workflow editor without coding knowledge.


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